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About Health Insurance Quotes from

The philosophy behind our quote platform is to provide an exceptional shopping experience while also being a steward to users by providing health insurance related guidance and education. We can particularly help those looking for individual or family health insurance plans after a life event such as the following:

  • Loss of previous health insurance due to divorce, ineligibility to remain on a parent’s plan, job loss, or expiration of COBRA coverage through your employer
  • Moving to a new state
  • Getting married
  • Adding a child to the family through birth or adoption or placing a child into foster care or for adoption
  • Significant change in household income that impacts you or your family’s eligibility for cost-sharing subsidies granted by the federal government
  • Becoming a new citizen of the United States
  • Release from jail or prison
  • You or your child are no longer eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

What Are Individual & Family Health Plans?

You need health insurance but are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, nor do you have access to an employer-sponsored plan. Individual and family health plans give you the opportunity to purchase affordable coverage on your own. Each insurance company uses its own formula to determine where to set your monthly premium for health insurance based on your current income. All plans are required to offer minimum essential coverage.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Policy

  • What is the annual deductible and co-insurance maximum for each plan?
  • Does the plan offer free preventive care?
  • Do you have the option to add vision and dental coverage for a higher premium?
  • Is prescription drug coverage available? Do you need pre-approval to receive certain drugs? Does the plan require you to use generic drugs when available?
  • Does the plan offer coverage for pregnancy-related services if you need them?
  • How much is your co-pay for standard office visits, emergency room visits, appointments with specialists, laboratory tests, X-rays, and surgical procedures?
  • Can you obtain specialty services through the plan, such as physical therapy or chiropractic care?
  • Must you choose a primary doctor and a specific hospital?

Understanding the Different Types of Plans

The most common types of insurance are the health maintenance organization (HMO), preferred provider organization (PPO), and high-deductible health plan (HDHP). HMOs tend to offer the lowest premiums because they create a network of providers where clients must obtain their healthcare services. This can be a good option if you are budget-conscious, but it may not be ideal if you desire more flexibility in the healthcare providers you can see.

The term PPO describes health insurance where patients receive reduced rates when visiting a provider within the PPO network. Patients have more flexibility to utilize healthcare services outside the network, but they can expect to pay more for these services.

The HDHP offers a low premium in exchange for paying a high deductible should you need to access healthcare services. Younger people without chronic health conditions can save money by choosing an HDHP. However, all individual and family health insurance plans obtained through an ACA marketplace base the monthly premium on total household income. That means you could qualify for a more robust plan if your state considers you to have a low income.